HI VOLT Electric, LLC
NJ Electrical Lic & Bus Permit #15740, MSHA Contractor ID #8556

NJ Electrical License 15740
Commercial and Industrial: Tired of downtime and lost production as well as equipment and product damage? We can provide Standby Emergency Generators or Prime power at your facility. Natural Gas, LPG or Diesel options. Automatic Transfer Switches and Uninterruptible Power Supplies are available. Let us provide you with an on-site estimate to reduce your losses during an outage.

Retail & Restaurant: When the lights go out so do your customers. Keep your business up and running and you'll see the return on investment in no time. When the competition is in the dark, your business will be bright. Don't lose product to spoil or your bottom line. Let us provide you with the ability to keep earning sales.

In addition we can offer solar, solar lighting, small wind turbines and lighting retrofits as well as energy management solutions.

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